Thank you for visiting our web site.

I have been introducing Japanese art to customers in Japan for almost 40 years.
And we created this website to introduce the beauty of Japanese art to people overseas as well.

In my opinion, there are two things that are wonderful about Japanese art (mainly Japanese paintings).

The first is the beauty and durability of the materials used.
The mineral pigments used in old hanging scrolls are made from natural ores, soil, plants, and shell powder.
For example, green is made from malachite, red from cinnabar, blue from azurite, and white from clam shells.
The black ink is made from pine wood and resin.
As a result, its coloration is very beautiful and deep.
And the colors are still vivid even after hundreds of years.
Through this website, I would like to introduce to as many people as possible the splendor of the works of art created by the artists of the past using these materials with their skilled techniques and spirit.

The second point is the high quality and convenience of the mounting techniques designed to protect the work.
This is because even though a hanging scroll is rolled up and opened dozens of times, the pictures and calligraphy inside are well protected.
And because they can be rolled up and stored, they are easy to carry and store.
This is due to the high level of skill of the craftsmen who made the covers around the works at the time, and also because the materials used (silk and Japanese paper) were highly durable.
At the same time, the fabric and washi around the work also served as decorations to accentuate the work inside.
In other words, the artisans of the time were able to combine design features that complemented the contents of the work with durability that would endure for decades.

The materials used for paints in the old days, the high level of spirituality and skill of the artists, and the skills and materials of the craftsmen who made the mounting, as mentioned above, have decreased and become precious in modern society for various reasons.
In addition to hanging scrolls, there are many other wonderful traditional artworks in Japan, such as lacquerware, ceramics, and woodblock prints.
We hope that overseas customers will learn about these wonderful Japanese works and traditions left behind by our predecessors.
We would be honored if we could help you to enrich your life by providing you with good works of art based on our decades of experience.

Rei Art
Hiroshi Otani