Shipping information

This page contains the following information regarding shipping and sales.

Shipping policy

The item will be shipped within 3-5 days of purchase.
Basically, we will ship by EMS, but in areas where we can not send by EMS, we will ship by Yamato International Courier Service.
Please check the estimated shipping fee table on the product page.

Products will be shipped from Japan.
If you purchase from a country other than Japan, you may be subject to customs duties and VAT in addition to the shipping charges. These taxes are the responsibility of the customer.
Shipping charges will be added when you purchase the item, but taxes will be collected when you receive the item. Please note that the amount of tax varies depending on the area where you live.

Terms of service

We sell Japanese antiques.
Currently, the Washington Convention prohibits the export and import of ivory products in all countries including Japan. If ivory is used as the material in the hanging scroll / Bokuseki work, we will change it to another material and ship it.

Refund policy

We sell Japanese antiques.
Therefore, some products may have some damage.
The damaged part is described on the product page.

Hanging scrolls and Bokuseki are not eligible for refund.
If the pottery is damaged upon arrival, please contact us with a photo of the damaged product attached within one week of the arrival of the item.

Orders cannot be cancelled after shipping is completed.

Specified commercial transaction act

The required items in the notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law of Japan are as follows.

・ Name of business operator: Rei Art
・ Representative: Hiroshi Otani
・ Location of business operator: 1730-6 Hatajiki-cho, Miyoshi-City, Hiroshima 728-0006 Japan
・ Contact information of the business operator: 0824-68-1177
・ Sales price: Described on the product page
・ Shipping: Estimated amount is stated on the product page
・ Hiroshima Prefectural Public Safety Commission,
  Artwork Permit No. 731249600006
・ Special International Type Business Operator Business No. 04011
・ Others: All taxes on shipping products are borne by the customer.
・ Payment method: Credit card, Paypal
・ Shipping time: 3 to 5 days after purchasing the product
・ Refund / Cancellation: Described in the refund policy